Frequently asked questions

How is LearningLine different from other eLearning products?

LearningLine combines the best of traditional classroom training and eLearning systems. LearningLine delivers a curated sequence of learning tasks and exercises over the Internet that you can work on anytime, anywhere. From the classroom model, LearningLine provides instructor support and collaboration with other students in the same virtual “class”. You can ask questions and get help from the instructor and other students. Your homework is reviewed by the instructor. And if you fall behind, an instructor will reach out to help you get back on track. LearningLine offers the efficiency of eLearning and the interaction and help found in classrooms.

What is "instructor-supported" exactly?

Just like a physical classroom, you work with an instructor who guides you and helps you.

Your tasks and activities were designed for you by an instructor. Your instructor is available to answer questions during your class either by sending a message or if you need immediate help, by chat. You can also ask your instructor to review your work and comment on it. Remember, the goal is to do some work, so expect to hear from your instructor if you’re not making progress.

What are the instructor hours?

You can expect an answer to a message, or work you submit, by the next business day. If you need immediate help via chat, instructors for your class will be available during business hours. Different instructors are based in different time zones and you will be informed of their local time zone when class begins so you know when they will be online.

Can my company customize LearningLine for our own internal use?

Absolutely! The classes in LearningLine are actually assembled automatically from the individual tasks. Companies can securely create custom content which will be interleaved with our content. For example, a custom course on a proprietary system may use our content on C# and your content on the internal APIs. The core LearningLine platform can be used for any type of class, not just technical training. It can be used to train call center staff on new products, bank employees on new regulations, and new hires can go through a custom orientation class. Contact us to learn more about how LearningLine can help your organization.

What if I need a course I don’t see?

We are expanding our learning content very rapidly. If you need something you don’t see, please tell us so we can prioritize what we’re building based on your needs.

What happens after class?

After class you need to get back to work and use your new skills! You will always have unlimited access to the materials and notes from your course but you won’t always have access to all the other content in LearningLine. Your class comes with a self-supported subscription that gives you access to all the content in LearningLine for a period of weeks but you can always extend that by purchasing a subscription.

How do you measure results? Are there tests?

There are no tests. We think if you log in, and spend time, that you are serious about learning. Each task has clearly stated objectives and we’ll ask you to confirm that they’ve been met before you move on. If not, we’re going to help you. Remember, you learn best by doing and you’ll be turning lab work into your instructor so there is a lot of visibility on how you’re doing.

Why are you using content from other sources?

There is a lot of insightful information on the web. If we know a great resource that delivers on the learning objectives, we’ll share it with you in the course. This technique gives you several viewpoints on a topic and keeps you from getting bored. We think the value of an instructor’s experience is not to convey information but rather to help you understand it and begin to use it in doing real work.

What is your cancellation policy for subscriptions?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime. You will never be charged again, but you are responsible for charges already incurred up until your cancellation. We don’t prorate for partial subscription periods.

If you think you may only subscribe for a short period, subscribe monthly rather than yearly. This way you can cancel on any given month without much "unused" subscription.

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