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Online, self-paced.

We built LearningLine from the ground up to be a superior learning experience on the web. It is self-paced and yet supported by both your peers and instructors. We have reimagined what learning should be in a world full of public information such as blogs, YouTube, etc. LearningLine is professional training in the 21st century.

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Multiple modalities.

Everyone learns in a unique way. This is why LearningLine uses multiple learning modalities including videos, articles, code demos, and exercises. No matter your style, LearningLine’s mix keeps your mind engaged.

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Learn by doing.

LearningLine is not a passive experience. It is intense learning where you write code and submit work at every turn. The harder you work, the more you learn. LearningLine is all about creating developers who can ship software.

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Instructor supported.

With LearningLine, you won’t get stuck. When you submit work, your instructors will review your code and suggest improvements. They will answer any question you have for your class. LearningLine instructors are professional software developers with real-world experience building applications with the technology you are learning right now.*

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* For instructor-supported classes or company-supported subscriptions.


Modern software development is a social activity. Why should learning be different? On LearningLine you can talk with your instructor and other students, see who is ahead of you, and you learn as a team. With our reputation system, you can show your teammates just how smart you are as you compete for the #1 ranking.

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Built around your team.

LearningLine is all about your needs. You have full access to our content, and platform, to create your own custom learning that suits your team and project. You can annotate our content and add your own internal learning material to make learning directly relevant for your team. Your own experts can also be instructors using the same tools we have built for ourselves.

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